Rebecca Edelmann lives in Bristol, UK with her partner the poet Joel Scarfe and their two daughters. She works from her small, messy, but much loved home studio.

She makes work primarily in porcelain clay, but keeps falling in love with new different clays, always returning to her main love which is making her series of Body Pots in porcelain. She has been making her Body Pots since 2011, and has never tired of shaping each pot individually and letting the form emerge in this way. Rebecca recently acquired a potter’s wheel called the Beast which lurks in its own shed in the garden, and is, for now, the adversary in wrestling matches which, so far at least, the beast has won every time. When not swearing at the beast Rebecca makes her Body Pots and her figures by coiling the clay, and hand-shaping forms. This is largely done without swearing.


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