Facing the fact that time is what it is

The girls are almost back at school. In the meanwhile I am trying to get the work done that I normally do but too excited about the possibility of a large window of time with no interruptions. So until this starts, I am almost tingling with the possibility of making all those things I have dreamt of, and the thought of time without anyone.  

It is a wondrous thing - solitude - and not valued enough by far. I always saw it as an admirable thing - the ability to be alone, and to find comfort in oneself. 


Colours and and eggs and such

I'm sitting down to putting colours on my earthenware plates, and it is such a pleasure focusing in on this one task. Eggs and bananas - picked because of the similarity of colour, and the combination of the yellow tones pleased me, but also because I liked how incongruous these two things are. How strong the colours will emerge from the kiln, I have no idea, but it is so very exciting.


Life in the rainbow hues

Testing glazes today - may have got a bit carried away - had to tear myself away from making it aesthetically pleasing, and remind myself that this is a practical piece.

I love the way there are so many variations to the colours, and how they respond so utterly different to mixing, and heat and material. It is never-ending.

There is no definitive way of just one colour, and getting to one way of being. One just has to keep experimenting and trying out new ways. Despite that tortured metaphor to all of humanity, it still strikes me as a very nice thing.


Gorgeous George is off to America, not expecting any letters....

Made Gorgeous George a few years ago, and he's been one of my figures I have liked the most - the pedestal was around, but wanted something there which nodded at a Classical Greek statue but still didn't conform to that ideal. Like a handsome greek model taking a break from sitting in a heroic pose, and just wanted to relax. He was complete in my mind before I made him from one piece of clay, and I was attempting that looseness of form that comes with not trying to sculpt too detailed. 

He is now off to America, and I will miss him, because he was a relaxed little happy man, and because despite his lumpiness he always had great balance. You know...what more could anyone ask for?


Love is love

An old school friend and her wife recently had their first child, a lovely little girl, and it inspired these many little groups of body pots. They can be mixed to make up whatever family fits, but I did make them with specific family groups in mind - so there are two with single parents, two with parents where they are the same gender within the unit, and ones where the child is identified as one gender or the other, whichever chosen by that child. And also, of course, ones with a more traditional set up. I shall be selling these in the autumn from my Etsy site. 


Funny Old birds, and itchy hands

Will be sending this lovely one off soon to its new owner, so thought I'd put it down as a "here's one I did earlier", as I don't want to forget it, and have not had time to sit down today, and get started on anything new, despite being in a generally making mood. The summer holidays are here and must not, will not, and can not be denied.

The bird is from earlier this year, and is from a sand coloured stoneware decorated with a mix between glazes and exposed stain, which gives it its matt beak, tips of wings, and base. I do like its questioning lilt of the neck, and its flapping wings that are more up in a gesture of goodnatured surrender. 

Companion pieces and freehand attempts

I like doing my designs freehand, -one either does ,or one doesn't, but whether this shows a specific personality, in this case I am thinking one which is messy or measured, I am not so sure. There is a strange desire with many people who see themselves as creative and/or artistic, to take on this type of personality - the one of the flighty, dreamy, and perpetually late - but it is, I think perhaps in most circumstances the desire to explain away faults, or if one accepts their explanations, quirks which have little or nothing to do with artistry. 

But that is beside the fact, so here are the plates - hands and feet - for my plate a day, which has turned into more of 'a plate whenever I can find some time', and that challenge in itself has been interesting. I have a tendency towards making lists, and too quickly I guess it becomes too easy to pull ones own personal things down the list, until there is no time to do them.

I have realised that the sense of calm that I find by making, and which is needed to keep things in perspective must be made to be had, by that necessary little act of selfishness which comes from shutting oneself off from family and time, and just doing and doing and doing until the hands and the mind is satisfied, and emptied of all other thoughts than those concerning making. 

procrastinating, or rather working round to doing the job..

Been getting familiarised with my round of black clay, and getting used to working with it. I am so used to porcelain clay, but black clay is growing on me, to the extent that I meant to get going on a plate a day, and I just couldn't help making a few of these vases, beautifully adorned with some glorious white slip nipples. Yummo!