Colours and and eggs and such

I'm sitting down to putting colours on my earthenware plates, and it is such a pleasure focusing in on this one task. Eggs and bananas - picked because of the similarity of colour, and the combination of the yellow tones pleased me, but also because I liked how incongruous these two things are. How strong the colours will emerge from the kiln, I have no idea, but it is so very exciting.


Life in the rainbow hues

Testing glazes today - may have got a bit carried away - had to tear myself away from making it aesthetically pleasing, and remind myself that this is a practical piece.

I love the way there are so many variations to the colours, and how they respond so utterly different to mixing, and heat and material. It is never-ending.

There is no definitive way of just one colour, and getting to one way of being. One just has to keep experimenting and trying out new ways. Despite that tortured metaphor to all of humanity, it still strikes me as a very nice thing.


Gorgeous George is off to America, not expecting any letters....

Made Gorgeous George a few years ago, and he's been one of my figures I have liked the most - the pedestal was around, but wanted something there which nodded at a Classical Greek statue but still didn't conform to that ideal. Like a handsome greek model taking a break from sitting in a heroic pose, and just wanted to relax. He was complete in my mind before I made him from one piece of clay, and I was attempting that looseness of form that comes with not trying to sculpt too detailed. 

He is now off to America, and I will miss him, because he was a relaxed little happy man, and because despite his lumpiness he always had great balance. You know...what more could anyone ask for?