Little plates, big ideas, and old friends

I have decided this year I will do my best to finish all those works that have got stuck midway between for one reason or another. I have a lot of those - Seldom because the work in question doesn't work but more frequently because I have been missing the specific glaze, or because having created the thing itself, I have realised that I have no idea about what surface to apply to it, in terms of glazes and stains. So they sit on my shelves, and, I swear if a stack of wonky plates had eyes, I would be getting some nasty glances. So now I will spend this year, getting my head around producing things in time for the significant dates where people like to buy something for others and themselves, and taking those plates off my shelves several times throughout the months, looking at them, sighing and putting them back again, but hopefully I will at some point take them off the shelves permanently, and remove them from being the ceramic universe's version of wall flowers.....



Facing the fact that time is what it is

The girls are almost back at school. In the meanwhile I am trying to get the work done that I normally do but too excited about the possibility of a large window of time with no interruptions. So until this starts, I am almost tingling with the possibility of making all those things I have dreamt of, and the thought of time without anyone.  

It is a wondrous thing - solitude - and not valued enough by far. I always saw it as an admirable thing - the ability to be alone, and to find comfort in oneself. 


Colours and and eggs and such

I'm sitting down to putting colours on my earthenware plates, and it is such a pleasure focusing in on this one task. Eggs and bananas - picked because of the similarity of colour, and the combination of the yellow tones pleased me, but also because I liked how incongruous these two things are. How strong the colours will emerge from the kiln, I have no idea, but it is so very exciting.