When a failure feel like a perfectly good win....

So I started the 'a plate a day', and I ended up with a few pieces, in the end it was not a plate a day, and it wasn't even a plate, but I found that the first time I attempted that kind of thing, I had for one thing slightly more time, and several designs rattling around my mind. 

This time, it was small bites of time, snatched at very random intervals, and the few designs I had were discarded, because, as with so many ideas, that sense one has of something changes when examined closely. Much like a dream my ideas often tend to loose their feel, and then either reveal themselves as good ones, or ones that were just a mash of nothing. I also found that the ideas that I had, had to change because of the medium - one thing which might worked in that traditional medium of terracotta, seemed cheap and almost pathetic when done in the black clay.

So I ended up with a few things, and I am still continuing, not with the plate a day, although I like thinking of it still being in force, because it promotes a sense of keeping on working.