Companion pieces and freehand attempts

I like doing my designs freehand, -one either does ,or one doesn't, but whether this shows a specific personality, in this case I am thinking one which is messy or measured, I am not so sure. There is a strange desire with many people who see themselves as creative and/or artistic, to take on this type of personality - the one of the flighty, dreamy, and perpetually late - but it is, I think perhaps in most circumstances the desire to explain away faults, or if one accepts their explanations, quirks which have little or nothing to do with artistry. 

But that is beside the fact, so here are the plates - hands and feet - for my plate a day, which has turned into more of 'a plate whenever I can find some time', and that challenge in itself has been interesting. I have a tendency towards making lists, and too quickly I guess it becomes too easy to pull ones own personal things down the list, until there is no time to do them.

I have realised that the sense of calm that I find by making, and which is needed to keep things in perspective must be made to be had, by that necessary little act of selfishness which comes from shutting oneself off from family and time, and just doing and doing and doing until the hands and the mind is satisfied, and emptied of all other thoughts than those concerning making.